Happy Valentine’s Day


Hope you are enjoying a nice Valentine’s Day.  The sun came out, our water is back on, and I have Split Pea Cauliflower soup on the stove from this week’s meal plan.

Have you perused any of the great Dave Ramsey Valentine’s Pick Up lines?  My favorite came from the comments section: “How would you like to be a line item in my budget?”  If I weren’t already happily married….

We got our federal tax refund back and used it to bump up our emergency fund, as well as topping up some other categories like car repair and summer kid activities.  This last batch of crazy winter weather has me more motivated than ever to keep saving for retirement somewhere warmer!

Do you have any special Valentine plans?


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

      1. "No Pension, Will Travel!" with Cheryl + Paul

        Thanks. It was a beautiful night up in the mountains. We were with a small group of healthy romantics, and managed to get our 2-hour walk in between snowfalls the night before and later that same evening. It was beautiful to see the full moon between the snow-clad trees, with the clouds drifting quickly by her. Hope you enjoyed your evening.

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