Adapting to Change


Signs of Spring in the Garden

How is everyone doing?  I’m finding it difficult to focus a blog post on any one subject, so I’ll give you a bit of an update on how we are adapting and any tips we have worked out for dealing with Stay at Home orders.

don t panic text on toilet paper

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Let’s talk TP.  We have been committed to ordering our groceries online, but our main store, owned by Kroger, won’t let us add toilet paper into a pick-up order.  I found that Kroger does SHIP many items in the mail.  We were able to have TP shipped for 4.95 shipping fee, or free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.  If your grocery is owned by a larger corporation, you might check this out.

What comes next?  I’ve been seeing a trend in my midwestern state that manufacturing anything is really difficult with Coronavirus lurking.  I asked my daughter to think about what clothes she might need for the summer and we ordered them right away.  I wonder if clothing manufacturers are going to have a hard time keeping their merchandise in stock with international factories closing, opening, and potentially closing again.  As for me, I just need to make sure I can still fit in the clothes I already have!

Speaking of supply issues . . . Apple seems to be having exactly the issues I described above.  I have been contemplating an Apple Watch for the last few months, and it’s about a 5 week wait to get one shipped.  DH found Best Buy had certain colors on sale for 100.00 off so guess who is wearing their Mother’s Day present already!  My Dad was always shopping for a new watch when I was a kid, so I feel this purchased is “Dad approved.”

Simple Things – We are enjoying our days together with work and school from home peppered with plenty of walks, planting cold-hearty seeds like kale, watching Project Runway and Top Chef All Stars, and occasionally getting meals delivered.  Restaurants we never even bothered with in our spoiled pre-Coronavirus past, like Jimmy Johns (sandwich place), now are bordering on magical when we get them delivered.

What simple things have you discovered? Any tips for procuring short-supply items?


12 thoughts on “Adapting to Change

    1. Jen Post author

      You too! Thanks for the tip on Amazon. I have had some success there, too. I was glad to get a pulse oximeter, which I thought might be difficult. (I have asthma and have had a lung infection).
      I saw a funny thing on Twitter about the delays on Amazon.
      Amazon: “we cant ship that to you for 5 weeks because it’s not an essential item”
      Also Amazon: “B**** go get it it’s on your front porch!”

      1. foreversavingforarainyday

        I saw that too!! I’ve been laughing at my housemate shouting down out the window at our Amazon delivery guys as they leave parcels but dont knock… so we never know they’re there!!!

      1. Averyl

        I’ve maintained my weight but did have a few weeks of eating more than I usually do. I knocked that off right away and have been doing extra manual labor at home and in the yard. I never realized before how rigorous weeding can be!

      2. Averyl

        The best part is it’s a never-ending supply of workout ops! Never did I think I would get into weeding for fun and glamor!

      3. Averyl

        And to clarify what I mean by rigorous, if you miss any part of the root, it’s coming back for you and your yard so you have to be very exacting. I’m only focusing on our front and side yards. The backyard is a weed-safe zone. The bees love it. And to be more specific about weeding, it’s dandelions. We let the clover thrive, we love it.

  1. Laura Beth

    Thanks to the power of Facebook, we discovered a local business that has TP, paper towels, hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. They typically supply products for offices. We’ve done one TP order already, and they make it super simple. You order online, pay online, give them two hours to get your order ready, drive over, tell them your name, and they will put it in the car for you. No contact! It’s been great, especially since all of the major stores have been out of stock for weeks on end, or we miss the restocking window since we’re working at home.

    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      Great idea! I have also heard restaurant supply companies have many of these products. One store, which I believe is nationwide, is Boelter.
      I’m glad they have found a way to do business safely.


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