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Jazzercise, Everything Old is New Again

When I say ‘Jazzercise’ … are you old enough to have images of spandex thong leotards, LA Gear high top tennis shoes, and scrunch socks?  Or worse, Richard Simmons in those REALLY SHORT running shorts!

Me too.  Hey, I even had a ‘Vic Tanny’ membership back in high school!

This morning I took a free sample Jazzercise class and really enjoyed it!  I am finishing my 5K running class at church in a few weeks, but I don’t think I will be running much in winter.  Too dark, icy, and cold where I live.

I have been motivated to find a exercise outlet for fall on a few levels.  It’s really beneficial for me to do something a few times a week that is just for me and helps me cultivate some interests outside of “mom duties.”  I also want to do good things for my bones, as I know I am on the osteopenia spectrum and activities that put force on your bones build bone!  Finally, I have read that one of the best things you can do in perimenopause is exercise to relieve symptoms.

The women in the class were generally older than me, some by quite a lot.  The class was 55 minutes – about 45 cardio/dance and the remaining time strength training.  The instructor is also a 6th grade teacher and is pregnant!  In my neighborhood Jazzercise is three times a day, and you can drop in anytime you want and as much as you want.  Love that convenience.

The workout was excellent.  Prepare for sweat.  I came home, took a shower, and I think I was still sweating.  Seriously!  I liked the fact that it included strength training (weights) because that is something I will generally avoid doing otherwise. I have also tried Zumba and like that as well, though for me personally, Jazzercise was a more vigorous workout.

When I got home, my DD asked me with confusion, “Why are there so many dishes in the sink?!”  And that, my friends, is also a reason for mom to get out of the house regularly 🙂

If you are curious about Jazzercise, check out some of the videos on Youtube.




“In Suuuummmmmerrr”

Olaf Chalk Art

Olaf Chalk Art

Where have I been all summer?!  Even my daughter chimed in with an admonishment that I haven’t blogged in forever.

This summer just FLEW by, but it was filled with new experiences.

I taught Vacation Bible School, and even I was shocked by that.  The class was K5-1st grade boys, whom I have little experience with.  I LOVED it, and I was attached to those little guys by the end of the week.

I have been training for a 5K in a class at church.  So far I am able to run 2.25 miles.  I don’t think I have run that far since high school.  I am pleased that my breathing is keeping up with the running, and am proud I am doing it, but I haven’t fallen in love with running.  It has been great to have a personal goal this summer other than “mom duties.”

UP Michigan, yes, it really looks like that!  This is an iPhone pic!

UP Michigan, yes, it really looks like that! This is an iPhone pic.

We vacationed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, renting a house for a week.  It was beautiful, remote, and very different from our urban/suburban lives.  In the UP you are likely to see a number of eagles, but good luck finding a Starbucks!  How many places in the United States can make that claim?

Last summer we were pushing hard on financial fronts, saving for new siding and other exterior improvements.  This summer we eased up a bit, continuing to budget and save, of course!  We have continued to refine our budget process and I will tell you more about that in a later post.

If your blog has been on a summer hiatus, I would love to hear how you are doing!