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American Girl Warehouse Sale-Wilmot 2015

A reader left a comment yesterday asking about the dates for the American Girl Wilmot Warehouse sale. It will be held June 11-13, 2015, from 10:00-8:00 pm.

You can read about our experience at the first day of the sale in 2013 here

You can read about our experience on day two of the sale in 2014 here

You can read more about all things American Girl, from Wilmot to the Madison Doll Sale, at DollsBetweenUs

Directions can be found on the Mattel Outlet Website.  I’m happy to answer any questions!


Report from Wilmot American Girl Warehouse Sale, Day 2

noexif_IMG_4662_privateLast year we hit the American Girl Warehouse sale on the first day of the sale, and it was grueling.  This year we tried the sale on Day 2, with no idea of what to expect, only hoping the lines would be shorter.  We set out on the open road after our traditional stop at Dunkin Donuts.


Saige in Julie’s dress.

We arrived at 9:58 am, and were shocked to find the parking lot comparatively empty, and only a handful of ladies waiting to get in when the doors opened at 10 am.  We walked right in.  Mind boggling!


They restock the sale overnight, and there was plenty of merchandise, both Bitty Baby and American Girl.  Also some Corolle dolls.  Note the Warehouse sale does not have dolls except for the mini historical dolls, which were $ 8.00.  You need to go to the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit for the regular dolls.


Not our bags, but this is a small purchase by Warehouse sale standards!!


The sales staff wear t-shirts displaying stick figures hauling huge bags around. True!


There are always plenty of AG pets for 8.00 – 10.00


Lots of items for last year’s GOTY.


This one came home with us!


There were accessory kits for Addy, Julie, and Ivy.  Also a shawl for Rebecca.


Like I said, plenty of merchandise, and easy to find.

A favorite item:  McKenna's Warm-Up Outfit.  Those are some cute shoes!  $12.00

A favorite item: McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit. Those are some cute shoes! $12.00 for the whole outfit.

This year there was only 1 historical doll outfit, Cecile’s yellow summer dress and bonnet.  Lots of MYAG outfits including a soccer outfit, cheerleading outfit, ski set, tennis outfit, a cello (!), and two Halloween outfits for dolls.

Alluring, yes.  Enough money in the budget, No!

Alluring, yes. Enough money in the budget, No!

We were stunned to be out of the sale by 11:15.  We decided to have our picnic lunch outside the warehouse, for old-time’s sake.

Saige, Addy, and a Webkinz along for the ride.

Saige, Addy, and a Webkinz along for the ride.

After last year’s sale we started saving $10.00 from each of my paychecks for future AG adventures.  When it came time for the sale my daughter knew exactly how much was in the AG budget!  We were happily surprised, though, that Grandma chipped in as a way to celebrate our school year.  Thanks Grandma!

Update:  We will be blogging about future Wilmot sales at our new blog “The Dolls Between Us”, so follow us there!

An Unfrugal Day – American Girl Warehouse Sale!

Josefina Doll

Josefina in her new pajamas

It was a summer, girls-only, road trip kind of day today.  Destination:  the American Girl Warehouse Sale in Wilmot, Wisconsin.   We had never attended this sale, and it was an adventure!  We arrived around 11 am and got our ticket to go in.  Our number was 536 and so far only numbers through 125 had been admitted in.  At least you can leave and come back after you have a ticket.

We passed time at a small-town cafe and mingled with other doll lovers.  We marveled at the number of eBay buyers at the sale, some of whom arrived at 3 am and brought uHauls (moving trucks).  No kidding!  One person was funding her kid’s medical school tuition by selling items on eBay.

American Girl Sale

All of these people are ahead of us in the check out line. Do not bring your toddler or your husband!

Our number was called and we entered the sale around 2:30.  No shortage of merchandise and the prices were very good.  American Girl mini-dolls, $ 6.00; AG clothing $10-14.00; books, $2.00.  We were glad Mr. Saver wasn’t along because he would have had some sort of calculation adding in the value of our time + gas.   We had fun, though, and we will always remember our crazy long day in Wilmot!

Stay tuned for a future post on how we budget for these adventures.  If you have questions about this annual sale, please leave a comment.