Appreciation – A Frugal Habit

This week I have been noticing a positive side-effect of the Coronavirus restrictions on our lives – a greater appreciation and delight in the small things in life.

This week we found new things to do for very little money, things we probably wouldn’t have considered “fun enough” in our fast-paced life before COVID came around.

Mock orange from my shrubs

My daughter and I went to a bakery this week in a rural town outside of our city which is owned by a woman who left the Amish life in her 20s. We had plenty of time to talk in car, and brought home some treats including lemon meringue pie! It was so simple, but it felt good to have a new experience (side note: not too many mask wearers in small towns…)

Tonight I am appreciating being home to be able to pick the kale from my garden and serve it sautéed with sausages for dinner. Far too often we have been guilty of planting seeds, watering, and then going on vacation only to come home to our veg gone to seed. I am delighted to have the time to tend to and enjoy our yard.

Yay, we used our kale!!

We had a great new experience for Father’s Day (early). We did struggle a bit with finding a balance between “fun enough” and “safe.” A number of plans were scrapped because they seemed too complicated with Coronavirus. We ended up having a perfect, simple day, picking up poke bowls and taking them to a magnificent park with views of Lake Michigan. I think we will enjoy variations of this throughout the summer.

Poke in
the park

Another simple joy this week was walking with my mom to her local ice cream shop. We haven’t gotten together inside yet, but this was a fun way to spend some time together.

I know we aren’t the only ones carving out joy in a simpler life. I have seen so many teens and even college students at the local playground, sitting on blankets, shooting hoops, or practicing hitting baseballs. I never even knew these kids lived in our neighborhood and I’m glad to see them outside under conditions that are deemed safe in our state.

Have you discovered or rediscovered simple pleasures as a result of lockdown?

4 thoughts on “Appreciation – A Frugal Habit

  1. cushn4

    Yes Jen…I saw my neighbor out just two doors down weeding her flower bed when I checked my mail. I actually took the time to walk down to her and have a chat. Usually I just wave as she goes by to walk her dogs, and spend a few minutes. This time we talked about a half hour or more and she gave me a tour of her gorgeous landscaping gardens all around the home. I have been here over 10 years and never took the time. Our neighborhood is the type where everyone has garages they can auto open and shut and you never chat. Being retired now and with so many staying at home I should be thankful and take advantage of connecting with my neighbors on a greater scale.

    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      That’s definitely a plus to having some spare time. I am grateful our neighborhood is pretty close knit, despite the fact that we are all ages and life situations. One neighbor even chased down a robber attempting to break in to a neighbor’s house (not too safe but it worked out!). Having an annual block party was the key to getting everyone acquainted.


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