Family Finance – Debt Free Anniversary

French-Roses-GraphicsFairy2pkToday is a special day in our family – it’s our 2 year debt-free anniversary.  We track the date in our calendar to remember the day we put away our last debt – our home – and pledged to do whatever we can to never borrow again.

While we certainly fought hard to get there by doing things like dropping cable, eating at home, and taking a part time job, one particular thing was the key to making it all happen.   The key was working together on setting financial goals and tracking the goals weekly together.   Working in total partnership with your spouse or life partner is like giving your finances a triple espresso every single day.  Working together gives you the focus, energy and accountability you need to keep chipping away at the goal.  Accomplishing huge financial feats is possible, but you have to both be pulling on the same end of the rope.

I will look forward to sharing this journey with you in posts to come… but today, we are off to celebrate as a family!

6 thoughts on “Family Finance – Debt Free Anniversary

  1. Tina K.

    So amazing! We are en route but have a bit to go yet. Have a great day celebrating this great accomplishment.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thank you so much! I will be writing more about this journey in the months to come. There were some ups and downs for sure (test driving an Infinity?!?!? WTH). I will follow your blog to see your hard work.


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