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Strange Times for the Savers

Here we are on Day 2 of the federal government shutdown.  Honestly, I thought that the shutdown would last a day and life would be back to business as usual.  It looks like that won’t be the case and there could be several weeks yet to come.

Right now my husband is classed as “essential” and is at work.  He will be paid… eventually.  His next check will not include any earnings from October 1 on, but will have all the usual deductions so that will be a small check to be sure.  At the end of the week he will begin to rotate in and out of work so his colleague with the most similar background can have an opportunity to earn some money to also be paid eventually.

The most stunning thing to me is that we have come upon a situation where we may need to rely on the financial position we have been working to create for the past 10 years or so.  No mortgage, no car payment, no other loans.  We need cash flow for daily living expenses, not debt payment.  We have money saved and can meet daily living expenses this way rather than putting it on a credit card.

The other thought I keep going back to is that while we have worked super hard to be in a good financial position, there are many people who have other life issues that make it hard to get to a spot of such solid footing.  Single parents, people dealing with mental illness, people supporting elderly family members, and those who have entry-level jobs would be hard pressed to weather a lengthy furlough.  We are lucky that we don’t have these kinds of financial barriers and we are very grateful we heard about Dave Ramsey and acted on his plan.

I hope I will be back with you in a of couple days saying, “It’s all good – back to work and back to getting paid.”   Till then….