More Homemaking and Saving 6/10

Patio Flowers – So Pretty!

I’m enjoying a spot of quiet this afternoon with a cool breeze coming in the window, iced coffee at hand, and a view of the neighborhood boys trying out the Slip and Slide despite the 65 degree temperatures.  It’s time for a big exhale as DD’s school year is finished and I have just one more day of work on Monday.


Not a lot of shopping this week, so the primary way we saved was staying home.  One major expense was a speedy purchase of a swimsuit for my daughter.  This weekend will be in the 80s-90s and the village pool is open.  She wanted something specific (swim shorts), and it had to be functional for a church youth retreat at Lake Superior this summer.  We went straight to Athleta, which I knew would not be cheap.  Prior to going I jumped on their website and got a 20% off coupon by signing up for emails.  I used money from her clothing budget to pay for it.

Mr. Saver knew we could eventually need a new wireless router and he had one  waiting in his Amazon wishlist.  He checks his list every day for price drops, and usually catches a good price that way.  The router was a deal of the day and he nabbed it.


Our village has an open house this weekend — the pool is free, the village construction crews bring out the big tractors and diggers for kids to check out, and there are various sports team mascots to meet and greet.  I made several dishes for the weekend so we would have meals to enjoy all weekend — tuna salad, chili, rhubarb crisp, sliced berries.  Usually when I am working I don’t have the stamina to do this on a Friday, but I am glad I did so I can enjoy the weekend fun too.

My friend’s peonies and a lone rose from ballet recital.


We are busy getting our home into summer vacation mode!  Had DD unpack her backpack and go through all of her school folders.  It’s lovely to not have a backpack, folders, and clarinet sitting next to my front door!

I took some time to wash all of the ballet leos and tights and boxed them up until September.  It is so helpful to have them all corralled into one place.

I took our back door “water hog” mat outside to spray it off from winter salt and mud.  Washed the floor under it.  I did the same at the front door.

I picked flowers at my friend’s home where I am house sitting (it’s OK with her!)


I am enjoying the e-book  The Homemade Housewife by fellow blogger Kate Singh .  I particularly like the way she relates her personal journey of living well on a single income.  Check out her blog and see if her writing resonates with you, too.

Family Fun

At the Community Open House DD got to climb a real tree with the help of professional arborists and their various pulleys and ropes.  The arborist standing way up in the tree said “welcome to my office!”

I’ve been on many a walk with DH and bike ride with DD this week.

How was your week?








11 thoughts on “More Homemaking and Saving 6/10

  1. wherethejourneytakesme

    Is this the main summer school holidays? In England the children are at school until mid July so still a way to go. We have had a few days of rain and now wind again and try as I might it has not been good enough to go into the garden. I think it sounds lovely all the events in your village – have a great time in the pool and think of us getting wet just walking around over here!

    1. Jen Post author

      It is the main holiday. We go back to school generally around Sept 1. Children used to be needed to work on the farm in summer in earlier centuries. Now it’s just a habit I guess. Some schools are year round, and that can be a benefit to kids who wouldn’t have anyone to look after them properly in summer.
      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had poor weather! My friend whose flowers I cut is on holiday cruise in the British Isles and they have had big waves.
      We are saving saving to come to England next summer. London and York? Don’t want to drive!

      1. wherethejourneytakesme

        York is nearer to us than London. It is a beautiful old city with lots of history and of course the minster. There is a street called the Shambles which is one of the narrowest streets in UK and full of interesting shops. I am hoping the weather will pick up next week but only on my day off! That is a long school holiday – they get 6 weeks here.

  2. Rob and Becky

    It sounds like your week went well. It will feel nice to put away the dance wear until fall to me, too. It’s fun while we are doing it, but it was really nice to just come home after work on Tuesday instead of add that extra hour and 1/2 onto my day. Since I was getting ready for my daughter’s tea party birthday party, I welcomed the extra time at home.

    We still have school until Friday (that’s tomorrow)–so 2 days left for both my husband and youngest daughter. Then, they are off until right after Labor Day. I have been having the 2 homeschooled ones (daughter and niece) work on finishing up projects, but they are going to finish easily. They do have an end-of-the year test scheduled on July 11. At that time, I will turn in all their grades and show their work to place where we have them enrolled in a diploma program. That was the first available time that both girls could make it to, and will give me a chance to finish up grading and calculating scores. Enrolling them in this program is optional here in Oregon, but I decided to put Ja’Ana in it when she was in 9th grade and she’s been in it ever since. So, when Alissa joined our homeschool, we put her in as well. Then, they will have a diploma when they are done with high school, which will be nice.

    1. Jen Post author

      Exactly… it’s nice to reclaim that dance class time for a little while, anyway. I usually stay at the studio and read so I make the best of it.
      It’s terrific you are open to education plans to suit the child. We started homeschooling and now are in public school. I am grateful for the extra time with DD that homeschooling gave us.

      1. Rob and Becky

        I usually exercise while they dance, so I’m actually worried that I won’t get as much exercise as I need-I’m going to have to get into a new routine!

  3. Flo

    Love the photo of the lantanas, one of my favorites! I haven’t had any for a while, perhaps I need to think about those for next year.

    We were really bad this week with eating out, between being on the run and the heat, cooking was very low on my list of priorities. Not only is the wallet feeling it, but so is my body! Hopefully I will get back to my usual routine this coming week.

    Our big deal this week was on shoes for the hubby. He needed both dress shoes and tennis shoes. We headed to the outlet mall because both of his favorite brands have stores there, and it was a great time to go. At Reebok, it was buy one pair, get a second pair for $25, so I told him to go for it and save the money. He’s one of those people who would wear the same style of shoes for the next 25 years, so I know it won’t go to waste. At Clarks they had buy a pair, get a second for $10, so again I told him to go find another pair he liked. He is now well stocked up on shoes for a while!

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you, they are amazing little flowers. I am enjoying the garden more this year. Grateful to have no renovations going on this year.
      I hear you on the heat! It’s amazing how it saps the energy to cook.
      That’s a great deal for shoes. I got some Clarks’ sandals this year for work and they are super comfortable.


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