Close Call on Debt Free Anniversary


Love those cute readers

Well, it seemed like a definite possibility that I was going to lose my job today on the ol’ debt-free anniversary.  Sobering!

Yesterday I got an email inviting the 4 people in the the school district that have my position to a meeting with the HR director and Finance director.  Never good.  Especially a meeting with no agenda.  We suspected there was a 70% chance they would reduce the hours (again) and 30% chance I would be gone altogether in the next school year.

It turned out that they are going to reclassify the position which will take away vacation pay and some of the holiday pay.  I can live with that.  I am relieved because I love my library job and the kids.  My husband is relieved because he is really eyeing up retirement at 57, and a comparable job would be hard to find for me in the current education climate.  I am not ready to give up summers off because of DD’s age.

So, debt-free day will close with massive gratitude and relief.  Underlying these feelings is motivation to “make hay while the sun shines” and keep saving for both a UK vacation and retirement to make my husband’s early retirement a reality (he has over 10 years to go).

Have you had an employment wake-up call like this?  In education it’s become dicey every single year.




6 thoughts on “Close Call on Debt Free Anniversary

    1. Jen Post author

      Oh, me too. I am walking with an extra spring in my step today for sure. I’d be really sad to not be able to do my job.

    1. Jen Post author

      I hope you can find one, cause the best people are in the library!
      I recommend getting familiar with makerspaces which is a huge trend in libraries. I think what got me the job is my passion for middle grade lit. I dabble on either side of MG, but I love to talk books at this level. I included a list of books I had read that year with resume and at interview that was definitely a key to getting in the door. If you ever want some book ideas that will make you sound up to date, let me know.

  1. Rob and Becky

    This is my husband’s first year in the school system. He is an instructional aide. He is in the same boat. His job is for 1 year only, then he needs to re-apply. We will see what happens. It takes 3 years before he can consider himself hired automatically each year, but they have the right to move him around the district to any school they want. So, I feel your pain! I’m glad it worked out for you.

    1. Jen Post author

      Wow, the apply every year idea is a new twist! We don’t have to do that, but our teachers cannot be unionized so even they work on an as needed basis. I’m sure your husband is a compassionate educator based on your kids & foster kids ❤️


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