Root of All Evil . . .

This week those who follow Flylady are in “Zone 2” which is the kitchen,  so I do a little extra in this room to detail clean and remove clutter.   As I move through the zones in the coming weeks I am thinking about our rummage sale in June.  It gives me motivation to “let it go”!

Yesterday I tackled one really big problem area. . .  a cabinet where I don’t even like to put things away that are clean for fear of AVALANCHE.

This is definitely a run before something slides out situation!

This is definitely a ‘run before something slides out’ situation!

Just try to put clean baking pans in there!

I took everything out, washed items that needed a clean-up, and I found the main problem with this cabinet is what is known as the root of all evil…  Not money, but plastic containers with no lids!



I cleared out wayward plastic containers, put a few things in my Goodwill/Rummage sale box, wiped down the cabinet, and about 15 minutes later… good to go.

IMG_7091I have two things in there that probably should go… a broiler pan, which I have never used because it sounds like it would make a huge mess in the oven, and a pizza stone.  The pizza stone was given to me by someone who didn’t want theirs, which is always a clue that you may be taking on something you won’t use.  I’ll think about those two items between now and the next time we come back to Zone 2.


3 thoughts on “Root of All Evil . . .

  1. Flo

    That first photo made me laugh, I used to have a similar problem! I just did a big cleanout of my kitchen cupboards, and it was so freeing! So much easier to find what I need now too. When we had our bathroom redone, I was concerned about the fact that we were getting rid of a cabinet. It turned out to be a non-issue as I threw out so much stuff that had never been used. 2 years later we still don’t miss it!

    1. Jen Post author

      Yeah, I have to say I don’t think I have ever regretted giving something away. Now I’m challenging myself to make a drop off at Goodwill today for some of the items because I don’t want to look at them sitting around for weeks. For me, that’s the hardest part.. Getting them the final step out of the house.


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