It’s Great to be Two

Social MediaHealthfulsaver is 2 years old!  Did anyone bring cake?  Day-old doesn’t bother me 😉

I initially started the blog because my daughter (2nd grade at the time) had one, and she was having so much fun I wanted to blog too!  During the two years I have been writing Healthfulsaver we have been debt free, but having that financial freedom has only led us to become even more budget focused so that we never have to borrow money again.

Some of my most visited posts in the past two years are:

Thanks to readers and blogging friends for all of the support and thoughtful discussion over the past two years!

11 thoughts on “It’s Great to be Two

  1. Flo

    Congrats on two years-and on being debt free! I’m always excited when I find other folks who have managed to realize that it can be done. I am constantly amazed at some of the truly stupid money choices people make in their lives and how they want to blame it on everyone else. Priorities!

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      Thank you Flo. I have to say that sometimes making good choices is a challenge in our culture. When you look around (always a bad idea) you wonder how some acquaintances afford the things they do, and shouldn’t It have them too?!
      We stay strong and save for the luxuries. I think making conscious choices about spending and talking about them is good for married and family life.


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