Gifts for Next Year? Oh Yes!

Mr Saver and I were able to get out today for a little post-Christmas shopping (Thanks Grandma for babysitting)! I was thrilled to be able to get some 50% off gifts for next Christmas.

There are three keys to making this work for me:

1.  I have to be buying for a specific person.  I can’t just buy random stuff and hope it works for someone next year.

2.  I have to come home and enter the purchases on our gift spreadsheet for next year.  Otherwise, yes, I will end up forgetting that I already bought a gift for that person.

3. Of course the gifts must be purchased with CASH.  You can’t save 50% and then pay 19% interest on the gifts for the next three years.

Gifts for next year

Gifts for next year


My first haul included the gifts at left.  All were $ 5.00 or less.  The kids’ gifts are tried and tested.  The Disney Princess card set we own and used hundreds of times.  Dolly stickers – sure hit as well.  The Stonewall Kitchens soap is always a pleasure to give.  I also found a wooden gift tag/ornament. I try to pick gifts that I would have purchased at full price and not just grab things because of a low price. We all have so much stuff in our lives and I want my gifts to be valued.

Another unexpected find at Target was an Isabelle American Girl mini doll.  Strange item for Target to sell as they have their own line of American Girl-like dolls.  My daughter was there when we found Isabelle. I said 11.00 is too high for an impulse purchase for me at this time of year, but if she would like me to hold it for her birthday I can do that. It is important to me that she have some “skin in the game” with discretionary purchases. When you are a grown-up, even small purchases that you can afford affect your finances. “A small leak will sink a great ship.” Amen to that, Ben Franklin.

Isabelle Mini at Target

Isabelle Mini at Target

Finally, I knew I needed tissue paper for gifts, labels, and three small gift bags for next Christmas. Those were also purchased for 50%’off and I won’t need further gift wrapping supplies next year.

Have you found any gifts on sale for next year?

6 thoughts on “Gifts for Next Year? Oh Yes!

  1. anexactinglife

    I seem to have really bad judgment when buying at Boxing Day sales. I always seem to buy the wrong size bags, or gifts that somehow become irrelevant by the next year. I have given up!

  2. Sandy M.

    Great job! You now have a head start on next Christmas and I love your line of thinking. I haven’t seen anything for next year yet but I haven’t looked really hard.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I saw that next Christmas the big movie is Peanuts (Charlie Brown) with fancy animation. So I am predicting that any discounted Peanuts-themed wrapping, ornaments, etc are a great choice for kids next year!


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