One thing that makes ‘Murphy’ come around is extreme weather.  I speak from experience this week, and it is only Tuesday!

Yesterday we had a flat tire that was so beat up that it required a completely new tire.  The roads around here are crumbling with huge craters from the extreme cold.  We have no idea what caused such a big puncture.  Cost:  $200.00.  Paid for out of our ‘Auto Repair’ fund.  Now, you might recall we are saving for new tires and brakes for one car.  Murphy’s Law … the car with the puncture is NOT the same car that needs new tires this Spring!  Grrr.

Today our neighborhood water main broke, again from the prolonged extreme cold.  We haven’t seen 30 degrees F in months.  The water main is the pipe that brings fresh water to your home.  The water gets shut off while they dig up the street.  There are so many water main breaks in our village that they are working 24 hours a day to keep up.   We were preparing to foot the bill for a hotel stay tonight, but they were able to get it repaired in time.  Got lucky on that one.

Emergency fund = Murphy repellant.  As Dave Ramsey says ‘An emergency fund turns a crisis into an inconvenience.’

I am hoping for a boring day tomorrow!




13 thoughts on “Murphy

  1. Mom

    Wow, you have been busy. We had some kind of water break in our neighborhood too. I heard the break was two blocks away and around the corner. Sunday morning at 8 am there was a river down my street

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thank You! Poor DH has had surprises delaying him from getting to work two days in a row! This winter is reminding me to keep saving for a retirement in New Mexico.

  2. jackcollier7

    Even now I keep a couple of days emergency water in my place. That’s 4 pints per person, per day. Not enough for showering and the toilet, but enough for coffee and cooking. No worries, it will get better soon.

  3. Country Lady

    As a rule in our house, we keep $1000.00 in an “emergency” fund. We have had to use it once for something that cost us $200.00. We were so glad that it was there when we needed it and we made sure that we paid it back as soon as we could.


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