My Spreadsheet Thinks It’s Summer!

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While the temperature is an icy cold 6 degrees Fahrenheit outside, in my budget it is already summer!  Our budget accounts for recurring expenses (such insurance, utilities, etc.),  upcoming expenses that need to be funded, and also larger goals such as retirement.

In upcoming expenses for 2014, we are starting to fund a variety of needs between now and summer.  They include:

  • A new hot water heater – Ours is pushing the limits of its expected lifespan at the age of 13.  We will be prepared to replace it in summer when I am off work.
  • Tires and brakes on one car.  We began funding this in 2013 by setting aside money each week.
  • Summer kid activities – Registration for summer camps and activities usually begins in February or March, so this category needs attention right away.  We have $200 set aside from 2013.
  • Vacation – We have been using my checks from part-time work to fund our vacation category and have a good amount saved, but not enough.  Read more here about our decision to make saving for vacation a family affair.

Those are the big items for the next 6 months.  Every Saturday night we have a final look at our expenses from the past week and any unspent money is allocated towards these budget goals.  Setting aside $10-20.00 a week does add up, and keeps us from falling back into the arms of Citibank!

12 thoughts on “My Spreadsheet Thinks It’s Summer!

  1. budgetlovingmilitarywife

    Brr!!! Summer planning does sound like the only way to beat those temps! Our water heater is 25 years old in our state side home and still works way better than the water heater in our British rental. LOL. We do plan on and have the money set aside to replace our old water heater… we were just kinda waiting for it to die. lol.

  2. Country Lady

    I think that it is great that you are putting money aside for these things, that way they will not be a “surprise” later on. I cannot wait for summer! These temperatures are killing me 🙂

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I hear that! I took an extra 50.00 out of my last paycheck to bolster our account for the gas bill. These winters do remind me that if we want to retire somewhere warmer, we need to stay diligent about saving, because debt is not an option!


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