What I Did This Week to Save Money

Each week we have a set pool of money budgeted that we draw from for food, gas, dining out, entertainment, clothing or hair cuts, household goods, and so on.  We like to come in under budget so we can put more money into savings.

This week we knew we would have some gift expenses, so we tried to save in other areas.  It worked!  We were able to save about 40% of our weekly funds towards saving because we:

  • planned meals using some ingredients we already had on hand
  • ate at home every night
  • planned a fun low-cost Saturday at home going to playgrounds and working in the yard.  It’s finally nice weather here!
  • made some Chex Mix for Saturday night snacking using ingredients I already had at home
  • started running our dehumidifier in the basement during time of use rate to save electricity expense

IMG_3448-privateLong-term planning to save money:

  • ordered some seeds from Seed Savers Exchange (shipping is minimal) to get ready for planting the vegetable garden.  Trying some new colder-weather crops this year like golden beets and bok choy.  
  • setting aside some money in the coming weeks for the inevitable garden expenses that seem to crop up by the end of May.

What did you do this week to keep your spending in check?

If you have a moment I recommend heading over to The Frugal Guru Guide for a wonderfully funny SNL clip with Steve Martin called ‘Do Not Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford.”

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