SavingStar – Another Tool in Your Money-Saving Kit

Do you belong to SavingStar?  I have found it to be another convenient way to save a little money here and there.  You enter your loyalty card numbers for select grocery and drug stores (CVS participates, Walgreens does not), and periodically SavingStar sends you an email and you can click e-coupons that you would like to be added to your account.  When you buy the product, the e-coupon is deposited into your SavingStar account within a few days (2-22 days).  Once you have 5.00 in coupons redeemed, you can select a payout such as an Amazon Gift Card, Paypal, or bank deposit.  No clipping!

When I receive the periodic emails from SavingStar, I click coupons I might use and frequently I end up redeeming the coupon without realizing it.  It’s a happy surprise!

One deal I took advantage of today is the Cheerios deal at CVS.  Assorted flavors are 3 for 8.00, plus 2.00 in ECBs (Extra Cash Back).  So, 3/$6.00.  There is a manufacturer coupon out for 1.00 off 2 assorted Cheerios.  Also, Saving Star has .75 off a multi-grain or peanut butter Cheerios.  Total cost then is 3 for 4.25 or 1.40 each.  Not too bad!

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